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04-11-2017 17:50:02  #1

Lord of the Rings tv show

I just found out that a Lord of the Rings tv show is being planned (but isn't official yet). My overriding thought is "no, you can't remake the best trilogy ever." I will admit I saw the movies before reading the books and prefer the movies so the idea of seeing new actors is making my change-averse self cringe. On the other hand, I really love LOTR and would like to see more in Middle Earth.  But in all fairness allow me to point out both sides.
If it really is a redo of the books, and not a look at what might've happened simultaneously in other parts of Middle Earth, they'll be able to include the characters/events previously left out i.e. Bombadil.
It's gonna rekindle people's love for the books/movies.
This is their chance to make the elves and dwarves what they were in the books.
Remakes tend to suck, especially when there's a huge following for the original, so they already have an uphill battle.
It's a cash-grab, and totally unnecessary. Why can't they make a different set of books into a show? There are no shortages in fantasy books. 
It's too soon. Almost all the actors are still alive and some even look the same and could reprise their role. Recasting the roles is kinda like saying they didn't do a good enough job before. Who could replace Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis or Viggo Mortensen?
The music. Unless they get Howard Shore again, I'm confident no one (maybe Two Steps From Hell) could create a whole new soundtrack good enough to compare to the original.  
These days cgi is used more than practical effects so the iffy-ness of special effects would be a problem.
If they stayed true to the books there's the ending of Return of the King. Maybe it's just because I saw the movies first, but that ending in the Shire was weird and they did well to cut it from the movie.
Our oh-so-modern times. I'm sorry, but if they make any of the main people from a culture south or east of Medieval Europe, it's gonna be a disaster. There was nothing wrong with the "lack of diversity" in the movies because had there been anyone not white, it would've caused confusion as to the setting. Middle Earth is essentially Europe in the Dark/Middle Ages, not exactly a hot spot for anyone west, south or east of the Mediterranean. Can you imagine Boromir as black with an American Southern accent? Talk about shattering expectations/immersion. And if they shoehorn a love-triangle in there or make anyone gay...oh boy, tables will be flipped. 
If you're offended by that last point, um, sorry? 

This is more off-topic than normal, but I'm curious, what do you think about a tv show? Agree? Disagree? Are wondering what LOTR is? Add your thoughts! 


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