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15-5-2014 16:23:19  #1

Typewriter Art

Evening all.  While this starts off with what looks like a slightly unashamed plug, I just wanted to start a broader discussion about typewriter-based and inspired art.  I personally like to use typewriters as they give me a level of control and ownership of the idea, whereas with a computer I'd be more at the whim of the programmer.  I was partly inspired at first by Truman Capote's comment about On The Road that "That's not writing, that's typing", and like to think of it as an entirely distinct medium...

...anyway, if any of you are in London, I have an exhibition still on until the 24th May, which features my typewriter works, it's at dalla Rosa Gallery in Clerkenwell-

Also, here's an online version of an artist's book I made entirely on the typewriter which we published earlier this year-
the V&A bought a copy for their collection of artists' books in the National Art Library, so if you're interested you should always be able to peruse their copy.

And finally there's also a new book out this month, Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology, which I have one page in but which also has an amazing look at the whole medium since its inception in the 19th century.  It looks beautiful, and there is some amazing work in it.

So, what do you folks make of typewriter art?  Does it appeal?  Do you dabble from time to time in a bit of concrete poetry?

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03-6-2014 05:12:37  #2

Re: Typewriter Art

Wow, love the images you have made there. Sorry to have missed the exhibition! I'm absolutely fascinated by typewriter art, but I haven't tried to make anything like the crisp images you have created.


03-6-2014 16:23:58  #3

Re: Typewriter Art

Thanks a lot, that's very nice to hear.  Have a go yourself!  I think I'm really a frustrated writer, but I feel I can only work out these frustrations aesthetically... As Capote said about On The Road - "That's not writing - that's typing"...

" if you could kill time without injuring eternity".
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06-5-2015 14:55:49  #4

Re: Typewriter Art

This is quite interesting - and using the robust Royal FP a good choice:


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08-5-2015 14:02:33  #5

Re: Typewriter Art

This has to be one of the most inspiring videos I've ever seen, and I'm not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes.


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