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02-1-2018 16:50:50  #1

Royal maintence for a new guy

Hi, I'm new to typewriters. I have recently been given a Royal. I belive it's a 1937 Mercury model, though I could be wrong. I'm intrested in learning how to care for it. It is in good working order. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks for taking time to help this greenhorn.


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Re: Royal maintence for a new guy

Hi Twister

​If your machine is in good working order, the most important thing is to keep dirt out of the inner workings. Put the machine back in its case or cover it when not in use. Secondly, always use a backing sheet on heavy paper when typing to protect the platen. Thirdly, release the feed roll tension when you put your machine away, this will help prevent flat spots on the feed rolls. Do not unnecessarily oil the machine as the oil will collect dirt and form a grinding paste which accelerates wear on moving parts.

Clean the type slugs regularly by using a wad of the reusable putty, the stuff that's designed for holding posters and the like on the wall. Roll the putty hard between your hands to get it warm and press it into the type slugs. The ink and other dirt will come off onto the putty. Fold the dirty side in, roll and repeat as necessary. Use a soft cloth to dust the machine off after use. Other members will add their knowledge to this thread, listen to what they say. There's a lot of really good information on this forum. All the best,



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Re: Royal maintence for a new guy

                       Thank you for the tips. I will definitely be referring back to them. My only issue is the paper only feeds an inch or so. I apply slight pressure on the roller and it feeds fine. Not sure it's a major issue. Not too bad I would think for it sitting in my mom's closet since the late 50's.

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04-1-2018 00:47:21  #4

Re: Royal maintence for a new guy

Hi Again

​Noticed a little typo in my first reply - "always use a backing sheet of heavy paper when typing". If the machine has been sitting for a long time, the feed rolls may have flat spots, and the platen has probably gone hard.

The very best thing you can do for this machine is to have the platen and feed rolls remanufactured by J.J.Short (click on the "Typewriter Platens and Rollers" link). Although this isn't cheap, it will make your typewriter perform almost like new again. The next best is to treat the platen and feed rollers with Maxx Rubber Rejuvenator as this will soften the outer surface just a little and help the rubber to grip the paper. The platen and feed rollers should be removed from the machine for this. 

​The old office trick was to roughen up the surface of the platen with some fine emery cloth, but this was generally done as a stop-gap method with the company's machines when you needed to get the work out and couldn't wait for the service technician. Probably the simplest thing for you at the moment would be to use a sheet of fairly heavy, slightly rough textured paper as a backing sheet for when you're typing. Hope this helps point you in the right direction. All the best,



07-1-2018 09:59:18  #5

Re: Royal maintence for a new guy

Thank you again. Yes the platen is very hard and I'm having trouble with feeding. I have looked up the company you mentioned but have not contacted them as of yet. I'm willing to do what I must to keep this machine going and printing like new. Thanks again for your help. 😀

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