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02-3-2018 13:26:50  #1

New shop in Westport CT

Just found a brand new typewriter shop in Westport CT called "Backspace Westport"! At this point they are selling machines and renting them in house for 30/60 sessions. I had a long chat with the owner Karin about some upcoming plans, sounds like she will be selling supplies, i.e. ribbons etc soon. Had some very cool machines, Japanese, German, Arabic, Hebrew, some sort of enigma machine made my Smith-Corona.  Super cool stuff, very friendly. She has a former Underwood repairman on staff. Here is the Facebook link: . 203-557-6600


02-3-2018 13:56:26  #2

Re: New shop in Westport CT

Thanks for this! I'm in Hartford so that's a bit of a hike, but I will have to check it out. And if there's a repair guy there -- wonderful.


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