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11-6-2014 16:29:35  #1

Help removing a platen


I hope someone here can help or just let me know how to do this. I got a nippo argyle p-201. I can not see a way to remove the platen. This typewriter is like new old stock and works great. But the platen is as hard as a rock so paper just wont grip. 

So if anyone knows about this and can help that would be great.


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11-6-2014 22:21:30  #2

Re: Help removing a platen

Are you sure it's an issue with the platen and not the feed rollers? I'm not familiar with that exact model, but if you post a few photos I can see if it's similar to the Nippo I have.


12-6-2014 15:48:23  #3

Re: Help removing a platen

Here is the ebay listing I got it from. 

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