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20-3-2018 10:39:54  #1

1916 Royal #10 Ink ribbon

Hi everyone,

I bought a 1916 Royal #10 to restore and use as guest book for my wedding. I got everything working smoothly again but now i'm looking for a new ink ribbon and that seems to be quite hard in europe. I've found some sellers on amazon in America. I was wondering if anyone here knows more specialised sellers for such things in europe (i'm from belgium).

Thanks in advance!


20-3-2018 10:57:08  #2

Re: 1916 Royal #10 Ink ribbon

Hi Jelatho

The first person I thought of who can most probably help you is Tom Lucas, he specializes in all things typewriter and is based in England, just across the channel from you. Click on his name and the link will take you to his web page. Best of luck with your project and best wishes for your up coming wedding. I sincerely hope your wedding day is just the first day of the happiest time of your life. 



20-3-2018 14:18:37  #3

Re: 1916 Royal #10 Ink ribbon

Have you tried The Classic Typewriter Page.... (Richard Polt).  He has a number of worldwide repair shops and sources listed on his page. 


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