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12-6-2014 12:21:56  #1

Advice sought: L.C. Smith vs Woodstock

For whatever reason the typewriter collecting bug has hit me (again). I've owned and used a '37 Underwood Model 6-11 since the mid 80s and would like to expand the collection slightly. In an attempt to keep this from getting too far out of hand, I'm limiting my self to standard typewriters only.
The first model needs to be an open-frame typewriter from the teens. I've narrowed the field down to either a Woodstock or L.C. Smith.  The Woodstock is fun with its open basket and  urn-shaped ribbon spool holders; it looks victorian, even, dare I say, steampunk. The L.C. Smith isn't quite as ancient looking but has the right hand return and the perception  of being a smoother typer with its ball-bearing linkage. 
     That is really the question being put forth here:
            "Is a properly tuned and adjusted L.C. Smith significantly smoother, faster, easier
             than a properly tuned and adjusted Woodstock (or any make for that matter?)" 

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15-6-2014 20:55:06  #2

Re: Advice sought: L.C. Smith vs Woodstock

I'd say it's more of a personal choice. They are both fine typers, and fast. I love the L C Smith's, particularly the Super Speeds, but I've got a personal thing for the Woodstocks. And as someone said, "they type like the wind".  Oh heck, get them both!!


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