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08-5-2018 08:06:16  #1

Value of IBM Selectric I, II, & III

Have been thinking of buying an IBM Selectric and nearly bought one for sale nearby. But I wasn't sure if I was paying too much. What is a good price for a Selectric I that is working?

Thanks in advance.



08-5-2018 15:19:32  #2

Re: Value of IBM Selectric I, II, & III

Oh, you want one that's working. Never seen one like that.

Kidding aside, I'm not sure I would want to buy one that hasn't been checked out and things like belts replaced. I'd say that brings the price up over $150, but that is just a guess. A lot of Selectrics out there, but truly, only a few seem to be working without having been serviced first.


09-5-2018 13:50:18  #3

Re: Value of IBM Selectric I, II, & III

I have a number of IBM models, including examples of all the different Selectric generations, and the most I paid was $50 for a 1940 Electromatic. Most of them were under $20 and were in working condition.

With a little patience you should be able to find a good example in working condition for very little money.

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