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09-9-2018 22:21:14  #1

Brother/ Citation to buy or not to buy

I was scouring ebay as I often do and I came across this Brother/ Citation model? I have a blue citation in my collection already but I dont have anything with this nice gold color. Can anyone tell me about it or how the price is the only other one I could find like it was listed on etsy for $140, Also how hard is it to change the ribbon as usually I buy typewriters that have been refurbished.


13-9-2018 11:12:47  #2

Re: Brother/ Citation to buy or not to buy

I've seen a number of Brother models in this colourway, and I'd describe it as being more of a dirty yellow than gold. These Brother models are very common and you should be able to find them locally. $40 is a fair price - if there aren't any issues with the machine - which is something you can check before buying when you buy local. Not sure where you are (wny? West New York?), but I'd suggest looking at what's in your area first before buying machines through eBay.

13-9-2018 18:27:35  #3

Re: Brother/ Citation to buy or not to buy

yes western new york/upstate ny far from the city lol, thank you for your input i just really like the dirty yellow goldish look but you bring up a good point about being able to check the mechanics out I just don't always have time to go shop locally but I think I will pass on this machine unless the seller drops the price, thank you again for the advice

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