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12-9-2018 14:32:42  #1

Royal QDL 1953 margin type lock


I have a question about my 1953 Royal Quiet Deluxe. When I received it nothing worked, and a little cleaning and tic got it running quite well. 

The only problem that I have not been able to fix is a margin issue. When you type to the right margin the carriage stops, but the type bar continues to make contact, printing letters over top of each other.

Does anyone know where this mechanism could be found to lock the type from hitting once you get to the margin?


24-9-2018 22:11:02  #2

Re: Royal QDL 1953 margin type lock

Move the right margin a bit toward the center. Does the bell ring before the carriage stops? Does the symptom change?


24-9-2018 22:36:38  #3

Re: Royal QDL 1953 margin type lock

hi! the bell does ring before the carriage stops. the symptom does not change regardless of where the margin is set on the page.

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