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02-10-2018 07:58:42  #1

Smith-Corona Sterling late 60's model question

I acquired a SMC Sterling, #6MSE165248 recently and after researching on line, I can't see that there there is any significant differences between the Sterling and Super Sterling of this era. I have looked at the Database and at e-bay, and You Tube videos  but still have not come up with a definitive answer.   Does anyone know?  As best as I can figure out this was made in 1969 or '70.  
Note:  In my previous post about 1972 Consumer Reports ratings, they lump the Sterling and Super Sterling together with same features.


03-10-2018 18:08:34  #2

Re: Smith-Corona Sterling late 60's model question

Previous generation Super models incorporated the Silent model's features, so maybe the Super is slightly quieter than the regular Sterling. Nicer trim? Colours? Marketing? I'm sure there's some difference given the models were sold concurrently.

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Re: Smith-Corona Sterling late 60's model question

Thanks Uwe.  That makes sense about the trim and quietness which I hadn't thought of.  My version is pretty plain with facsimile of a medalion on the faceplate.  Its also a simple blue/grey or "battleship grey" in color.  Like the Super Sterling from what I have gleaned from the internet is that there is no paper holder or erase board which I gather is common among the Sterlings.  Seems to type well though comparable to my Galaxie12 II, but then I am just a two finger typist so my opinion is not worth much.

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Re: Smith-Corona Sterling late 60's model question

The Sterling was sold as a budget-friendly, home and student model. As such, both the Sterling and Super Sterling - to my knowledge - lacked features such as an erasure table and paper rest that were found on more premium models such as the Classic 12. The Galaxie II was a 'deluxe' model and cost more than the Sterling. Not sure if they all had it, but the Galaxie I own has Smith-Corona's Changeable Type, which is just one of the premium features that wasn't offered with the Sterling.

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