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07-10-2018 15:19:13  #1

Optima Elite 3

Hello everyone,

A few years ago I found this beautiful Optima Elite 3 typewriter with Yugoslavian layout in my grandmothers house and decided to keep it. It is in perfect working condition, I cleaned it and it is absolutely beautiful, almost looking brand new aside a few scratches here and there. I do type on it every now and is so satisfying to work with, I just love it. But since I'm planning on moving I got to decide what to keep and what to sell, so if anyone could tell me how much it could be worth I'd be very thankful. It's serial number is 1147245 so it should be a 1960. model.

Here are a some photos.



07-10-2018 15:41:31  #2

Re: Optima Elite 3

An Optima Elite 3 typically sells for around CAD $50 in my area. I've found that they're typically far less expensive in Germany, which is not a surprise given there are far more of them located there. In other words, unless you find that 'special' uniformed buyer, it's not worth a lot of money. My advice - given its history - is to keep it! A portable typewriter takes up very little space, and there might come a day that you'll regret having sold it.


08-10-2018 02:31:25  #3

Re: Optima Elite 3

H 424

I'm with Uwe on this one. If this was your grandmother's typewriter, it may mean more to you in sentimental than what you might get for it. Was this grandmother your mom's mom, or your dad's mom? either way, if either of your parents have any letters that were typed on it, that would give the machine a little more significants. Also, by holding onto it for now, you could have a tangible link to pass onto your children as a reminder of their great-grandmother. These are just my thoughts. All the best,


We humans go through many computers in our lives, but in their lives, typewriters go through many of us.
In that way, they’re like violins, like ancestral swords. So I use mine with honor and treat them with respect.
I try to leave them in better condition than I met them. I am not their first user, nor will I be their last.
Frederic S. Durbin. (Typewriter mania and the modern writer)

08-10-2018 15:43:50  #4

Re: Optima Elite 3

I also agree that you should keep it.  Aside from its virtues as a high-quality typing machine should you choose to utilize it that way, I think tangible links to our past are rarely so enduring or symbolic like your Optima is.  The money you would likely make selling it isn't enough to outweigh what your typewriter represents to your family, IMHO.

Also, it is a very nice-looking typewriter!  Would make a great display or conversation piece, if nothing else.


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