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10-10-2018 21:01:32  #1

Cleaning SC cloth cases

I have two Smith Corona Sterlings - a 1939 and an early 1940s - that both have cases covered in cloth (or paper, not sure) that is laquered black. Both cases ae pretty dirty. I started to try to wipe one with a lightly damp cloth, but the cloth/paper absorbed the moisture through the thin black coating and began to bubble. Any thought on cleaning these types of cases?



10-10-2018 22:21:57  #2

Re: Cleaning SC cloth cases

If they’re in really bad shape, consider painting the cases with a gloss black acrylic paint. I did one and it looks almost new.


11-10-2018 12:07:30  #3

Re: Cleaning SC cloth cases

One is in tough shape, with part of the covering separated from the wood. That one will take some real work and then repainting is a good idea. The other is actually in decent condition, just really dirty.Might come to painting, but I'd like to keep the finish if I can. Thanks!

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