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23-10-2018 10:33:46  #1

Erika S platen removal

Need a little guidance on removing the platen off a Erika Model S, circa 1947. The rubber appears to have shifted to the right about 1/8" exposing the edge of the wood core.  I don't know if I can move it back or whether I need to cut off the excess on the right edge with a razor blade. Or whether I need to get the rubber replaced.  Is removal as simple as loosening or removing the carriage knob?  Thanks for your help.


30-10-2018 14:36:01  #2

Re: Erika S platen removal

There are two small screws between one of the platen knobs and the platen, just on the inner side of the platen knob. You'll need a pretty fine screwdriver with a longer shaft for them and they are a little delicate to reach. Once you have the screws removed, pull the knob away from the machine. It is attached to a long metal spike that reaches through the entire platen over to the other knob, which has a "target hole" for the spike. If the knob with the spike doesn't want to come off directly, carefully rotate it back and forth while holding the platen with your other hand during pulling.

Speaking from memory, I don't have the machine on which I conducted this operation anymore.


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