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08-11-2018 08:33:16  #1

DIY method for replacing spacebars?

Hello everyone.

I found a guy near me here in Brazil that's selling a good looking Erika 10 por about $12. That's really rare. He showed me some photos and a video, and it looks pretty good. The only problem is that the spacebar is missing. So I decided to see if there is any DIY method for replacing spacebars berfore I buy it. Any ideas? I thought maybe I could find and old computer keyboard, remove the space bar, adjust it to the typewriter and glue it. Or maybe try some repair shops, or find a really old cheap typewriter and just get the spacebar off to see if it fits. Maybe there are better ideas?

I'd appreciate any help!


08-11-2018 16:04:50  #2

Re: DIY method for replacing spacebars?

You could try making a space bar from wood and then painting it.  Attach it using tiny wood screws or self-tapping screws.  I have seen a Remington office typewriter where someone made a very good reproduction of the broken plastic spacebar in wood and it was a work of art.  On the very first typewriters, the spacebars were made of wood from new - usually mahogany - and then painted black.


16-11-2018 08:37:18  #3

Re: DIY method for replacing spacebars?

You could always try to design and 3D print a replacement space bar. I'll be doing this for some missing feed rollers for an Underwood 3 Bank portable (I'll be 3D printing the actual feed roller rods out of metal, and then adding the rubber afterwards myself).

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