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30-11-2018 22:48:51  #1

A Typewriter for Christmas

Greetings All

A couple of months ago, I opened an Etsy shop to sell some of my typewriters and a few other vintage collectables. I've been having a conversation with a girl in Dallas Texas via Etsy as she wants to buy a reliable, functional typewriter for her 7 year old son for no more than $100.00 including shipping. It almost seems a little silly to ship a typewriter all the way from Canada when I know there are trustworthy typewriter aficionados in the US. Does anyone have any good ideas for a solution to this dilemma. PM me if you can help. Thanks and all the best,



01-12-2018 16:29:18  #2

Re: A Typewriter for Christmas

The Dallas Craigslist shows 42 results for a "typewriter" search. Most are ridiculously priced, but there are a few that are within her budget.

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02-12-2018 12:03:14  #3

Re: A Typewriter for Christmas

I don't like eBay for the way some may package the machine.  I've had better luck when the ebay seller has shipped typewriters before and KNOWS to pack the entire machine within the box.  So be careful on any seller from any site.


02-12-2018 19:50:54  #4

Re: A Typewriter for Christmas

Hi Uwe & Zoe

I hear you loud and clear on the poor packaging, I've received several typewriters that have arrived damaged in transit due to poor packaging. As for the machines on her local Craigslist, this girl knows nothing about typewriters and any that I've looked at all say they need a new ribbon at least, and many of them talk about sticky keys and needing servicing. I do have a 1976 Silver Reed 200 ready to go, so I'll package that up and see what shipping will be to her zip code. Thanks for all input and I'll keep you all posted. All the best,


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