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23-12-2018 15:47:54  #1

Richard Polt's Typewriter Manuals

It looks as if we have lost a valuable resource !  When I tried Richard Polt's website this evening, it looks as if the university that seems to host the site has now blocked any further access.  Has anyone on here had the same experience ? 


23-12-2018 17:07:34  #2

Re: Richard Polt's Typewriter Manuals

The page is having some technical issue which he has people working to resolve. You can still reach the site if you use the https version of the address. The problem is the http version of the address--which is the one found in most search engines, links, and peoples' bookmarks--is not working. The https address that works can be found here.


24-12-2018 06:56:54  #3

Re: Richard Polt's Typewriter Manuals

Thank you so much for this !  I was beginning to panic that we had lost one of the best resources for typewriter information.  Have a great Chrismas !

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26-12-2018 16:18:36  #4

Re: Richard Polt's Typewriter Manuals

Small tip. The Internet Archive has copies of a giant amount of websites and they're dedicated to archive the digital age. If Mr. Polt's website ever disappears, you can view it here:

Sorry for using code tags, but the forum software breaks on trying to link to that page directly... You can read more about the Internet archive on their website.


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