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07-1-2019 11:59:46  #1

Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe (How to remove bottom cover, need help)

Greetings from Dayton, Ohio!  I have been interested in procuring a manual typewriter for some time now.  I put some feelers out and was gifted two of them both in great working order.  I am going through the process of cleaning them up as they have that good old musty smell.  In regards to my Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe I would like to be able to remove the bottom cover to clean the inside and to access the pivot points for lubrication.  

I found the screws that are on either side (two screws) of the carriage that will separate the top portion of the bottom case, however; I do not know how to pull the rest of it apart.  Are there additional screws?  Do I just remove the two screws and pry / separate the rest?  

Here is my SC Corsair Deluxe, my young boys have become quickly obsessed with the typewriters and won't leave them alone.



08-1-2019 07:59:38  #2

Re: Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe (How to remove bottom cover, need help)

To my glee I was able to fully dismantle the Corsair Deluxe.  By the grace of God I did not break any of the Bakelite.  Essentially the clam-shell design of the bottom case separates by unsnapping it at the seams.  The assembly comes and goes however; in a pattern that I was not aware of.  I could have done a smoother job in retrospect.

In the end the machine is cleaned and lubricated with Rem-Oil.  I imagine it will rock and roll for decades to come.

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