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10-1-2019 20:17:22  #1

Bottom left of 2 typebars gets stuck on left side of typeguide

I have a '33 Remington Noiseless Portable. The "i" and "k" typebars get stuck in the typeguide periodically.  The slugs get stuck on the bottom left part of the typeguide  when looking at the back of the slug. There is a little wedge there and it looks like it gets stuck in the left side of the typeguide.  Pushing the slug to the right doesn't work; it's really stuck.  But, pushing the top two moving pieces of the typebar (at the joint) to the right allows the whole unit to retract (and hit my fingers).  It occurred to me that maybe it is something to do with the typebar contraption locking up and not with the alignment of the typebar.

Does this make sense?

Has anyone else experienced this? How did you solve it?


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