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27-1-2019 18:00:45  #1

Selectric III -- No going back

I just got a Selectric III that appears to have been well cared for and types great, but neither the carriage return nor the express functions work. The correction key does move it to the left.
I thought I'd check here for advice on what I should be looking for before diving into it.
On a curious side note, I was listening to the radio while playing with the IBM and it puts out loud radio interference when the typewriter is plugged in and turned off, but the interference clears up when the typewriter is switched on. Seems like it should be the other way around.


01-2-2019 18:41:14  #2

Re: Selectric III -- No going back

On further investigation, both the exp and return keys initiate a low humming noise, indicating to me something, somewhere is not engaging as it should. I can't precisely locate the source of the hum.
Pressing the exp and/or return keys also causes the letter keys to lose function, which can be regained by hitting the tab key.

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