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29-1-2019 18:20:22  #1

Olympia SG1, a couple of questions

I just picked this up-- Needs cleaning, and a new platen, but otherwise seems good.  Roughly 1958.  Preliminary test suggests that the hype is true regarding the feel of this machine!  I wonder if anyone can help with these questions:

1)  The "aligning scales" seem to be missing something, or are in some way disconnected, or broken  (they sort of flop backward, interfering with carriage installation).  There is a bit of metal at the bottom of these scales which seems to want to connect with another small piece, which is manipulated by the "adjusting levers" (set to either I or II).  It looks to me like there ought to be a small pin at this junction, creating a bit of a "hinge".  Anyone have a picture of this location, on an intact machine?  I see what they need to do, so I can likely sort it out, but wouldn't mind repairing it in the original way.

2)  The paper support is missing, but no surprise.  How does this piece attach to the metal tabs on the back of the carriage?  I'd like to make a replacement.

3)  Out of curiosity:  I think I have the "D" model, based on the non-existent paper-injector, and double-spacer key.  Are there any other major differences between the models?



30-1-2019 12:17:50  #2

Re: Olympia SG1, a couple of questions

I think Uwe can help you more with the SG1s but in order to help a clarifying picture would be appreciated. Also in a image search of google you can see how the paper support is linked to the carriage. it is pretty simple, and actually I think I have one somewhere! 


30-1-2019 12:32:43  #3

Re: Olympia SG1, a couple of questions

1] Each aligning scale should have two small springs on their underside that connect to the adjustment system; it sounds like yours are missing, which isn't uncommon since they don't hold up well to abuse from those who don't know how to properly use the scales or are clumsy when replacing the carriage.

2] The plastic paper rest has a metal pin molded into each side that snap into the two clips on the back of the carriage.

3] If you have a '58 it can't be a D-model. It's most likely a N-model; however, I would determine the exact year of manufacture for your machine first. Do you have the serial number?


01-2-2019 14:32:38  #4

Re: Olympia SG1, a couple of questions

SN#:  7-612459.   Maybe '61 then, by quick comparison to TWD.  Do you know if the carriages are universal?  Meaning, would a deluxe carriage with paper injector fit onto the chassis of an N-model?

Having gotten into it, I see that the Aligning Scales parts are all there (springs included), but are simply deformed, such that the connection slips apart-- so that's good news.
The paper support tabs are snapped, I think, so I'll fashion something new.
I'm digging the "evaporating foam" that Olympia used for sound muffling-- it's completely clean, save for a brownish stain of the glue.  After the nightmare of dissolving the black mastic behind the mouldy felt of a SC Silent, this is heaven.



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01-2-2019 15:42:57  #5

Re: Olympia SG1, a couple of questions

Carriages can be swapped between model variants, but not between the two SG1 generations. There were at least two different types of carriages for the SG1, those that fit the pre- and post-1961 models. This is off the top of my head, and I should really check my notes to see if I can find more detail, but I recall once trying to swap carriages between two SG1 machines and they wouldn`t fit.


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