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16-2-2019 19:46:08  #1

Olympia SM3 ribbon reverse

Hi folks,

I just picked up a delightful 1958 SM3, but unlike another late-50s SM3 I've used, this one's ribbon reversal doesn't catch the grommet, it just passes right through. Am I missing something, here? Have any of you encountered this, and is there a fix... perhaps I should tie a big knot in the ribbon...  [img][/img][img][/img]


16-2-2019 20:53:50  #2

Re: Olympia SM3 ribbon reverse

Your Olympia SM3 should be able to trigger the reverse without eyelets. I would clip the eyelets off each end and reattach the ribbon to your metal spools.


17-2-2019 12:25:48  #3

Re: Olympia SM3 ribbon reverse

Thanks! Will give that a shot.

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