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11-3-2019 11:21:21  #1

Advice for a Newbie - Smith & Corona Galaxie Cursive Portable

Hi all, I'm new here and hoping for some advice.

I had a typewriter as a kid and decided I really wanted one as an adult.  I came across a Smith & Corona Galaxie portable that typed in cursive and I couldn't resist buying it.  I'm encountering a few small issues and not finding much information on this model (Picture from listing below).

I'm sure this is a dumb question but I somehow accidentally enabled the carriage lock and cannot figure out how to shut it off. Does anyone know where the carriage lock is located on this model?

Also, I've been trying to locate the serial number, if anyone knows where to find it on this model, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know what year this model is from or any more info on it?

My last typewriter was a children's model I had when I was 8 so any advice on this particular typewriter is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



11-3-2019 12:15:30  #2

Re: Advice for a Newbie - Smith & Corona Galaxie Cursive Portable

Ahhh, the Galaxie Class Typewriters.

Hi Lisella

The carriage lock should be easy to release, just push the carriage to the right and the lock should release. The lock lever is located just in front of the right platen knob. To lock the carriage again, move the carriage to the right and hold your left hand against the left platen knob to prevent a run-away. Lift the carriage lock lever with your right thumb and let the carriage move to center position where it will stop, carriage is now locked.

The serial number is located on the underside of the unit. Set the machine in front of you and tip it up on its back (make sure the page supports are retracted) and look to the right of the underside. You should see 2 vertical rectangular slots between the right feet, the serial number is in the lower of these two slots. Hope this points you in the right direction. If you have any other questions, please ask. We are a group of typewriter fanciers and love to help others enjoy their machines. All the very best,



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