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01-4-2019 18:13:46  #1

Erika 5 carriage skip

I got a gorgeous Erika 5 as a repair job and the escapement mechanism is brand new to me,  don’t wanna screw up a customer machine.  Any idea how to remedy the issue?  Doesn’t happen consistently.  Just skips one or two spots.  Everything else is fine.  Looks like one of the pieces needs to be adjusted but I’m not sure which one.

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01-4-2019 21:11:29  #2

Re: Erika 5 carriage skip

Okay, I’m gonna update this.  The Erika doesn’t have a standard star wheel escapement, instead, it has two pieces that ride along a ratchet track and a compression style spacer.  It seems that the issue is more based on the integrity of the parts, and the more force applied on the carriage, the more it wants to push the locking piece out of the way and skip.  Is it a common issue for Erika’s to skip??  Happens irregularly and it’s not due to speed or technique.  I get up to 120WPM on my Royal 10 without a single issue.

Typewriter collector and repair geek
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