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16-3-2019 17:26:45  #1

German Remington Standard 10S with an mysterious serial number


I am from germany, a typwriter fan and i started restoring old typewriters in 2016. 
A few days ago, I bought a nice Remington Standard 10 S in my neighborhood and I want to restore it. But the serial number of the machine is mysterious to me and I would like to know as accurately as possible when the machine was manufactured.

The serial number is:


Here are some pictures:

Why six digits?
I searched the relevant pages on the Internet and found no serial number with 6 digits. What does the LK mean? The "K" could point to the production month "April", as usual at Remington. Right?

It would be great if you could help me.

Many thanks and best regards from Germany.



18-3-2019 15:32:21  #2

Re: German Remington Standard 10S with an mysterious serial number

Welcome to the forum, Alex.

Your serial number does seem odd, but then again 'odd' is almost the norm when it comes to the study of serial numbers.

The Model 10 machines that used the 'L' serial number prefix were apparently manufactured between Oct. 1920 and Mar. 1925, and were numbered from 000 to 59,000. Six digit numbers didn't begin until Sept. 1928.

The shape of the front panel and keyboard surround on your machine definitely indicates that your Remington was made after 1920. I think the practice of placing model numbers on the front panel didn't start until 1923, and since your machine also lacks the decimal tabulator, it would have to be a post-1925 model.

There's a 1921 Model 10 in the database with a six digit number, but there aren't any supporting photos, so not much can be gleaned from that machine. 

I'm not a Remington expert, so I can't do much more than take a guess that your machine dates to around 1925. It's possible that the front panel isn't original to the machine. Or perhaps it was rebuilt/refurbished later on when the six digit numbers had begun and given a new serial number at that point. If that's the case then your machine was rebuilt in Oct. 1937.

25-3-2019 10:12:09  #3

Re: German Remington Standard 10S with an mysterious serial number

Hello Uwe,

thank you for your answer. Wow, seems to be a interesting history. 
Hopefully some Remington Expert knows more about that.

In a few days, i can send pictures from the restored machine.

Best regards

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03-4-2019 08:45:54  #4

Re: German Remington Standard 10S with an mysterious serial number

Hello together,

here are some pictures from before and after.

Best regards 


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