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07-8-2018 11:41:53  #1

Olivetti Studio 44 line lever spring

I got a Studio 44 at an auction for R$ 75,00 (brazilian reals, something like $20). It looked great, and in fact it is. It was only dirty. But then I realized 2 problems: 1) one of the rubber feet is missing, but that is easy to solve; 2) the line lever spring is either broke, or detached, or misplaced, I don't know. The fact is that, although when the lever is pushed it spins the platen normally, the lever doesn't come back to its place normally. It just stays there, lifeless. So my hand must do the spring function.

The problem is that I don't know how to have access to what's going on behind the left knob. How do I remove it? The right one is easy, it just comes off spinning. But the left one seems tricky.

Any tips?


07-8-2018 14:01:18  #2

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 line lever spring

The left hand platen knob should simply unscrew.  It is probably stuck.  I hope that you will find that the spring is simply displaced, but it is probably broken.  You will not find it easy to make one, or find a secondhand replacement spring - unless someone on here has a scrap 44 that they can take a spring from.


15-8-2018 12:02:57  #3

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 line lever spring

The left knob wouldn't come off because the line spacing lever must be at level "0".

I made a video showing how the situation of the spring .

It doesn't seem to be broken. Maybe it's just out of place. But the question is: where to should it be attached? And how?

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15-8-2018 16:09:51  #4

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 line lever spring

From what I can see on the video, the spring isn't broken (thank goodness !).  I cannot remember exactly where the spring ear locates, but it has to be pre-tensioned, and attached to the carriage cheek casting via one of the slots.  A professional would use the correct tool - a spring hook.  If you haven't got one, you might be able to use a crochet hook, maybe with the sides ground down a bit.  I seem to remember that fitting this spring can be a very awkward job.  Good luck !   Sorry that I forgot to tell you that the linespace selector has to be in the 'O' position  before unscrewing the left platen knob.


02-4-2019 11:21:36  #5

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 line lever spring

Ok, I'd like to bring this post back to life. I couldn't figure out the problem and I decided to come back to it later. As usual, it took me months before I could find time and interest to work on this problem again.

I can't figure out where the problem is. I made a new video: And took some pictures:

Maybe someone could check on his own Studio 44 to see the difference? I'd appreciate any help!

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09-4-2019 13:45:46  #6

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 line lever spring

Looks like, in your pic, the tail of the relevant spring is sticking out in an odd place... can't say exactly where it needs to go, but I'd recommend the service manual on Munk's site.  It details full assembly instructions.


23-4-2019 20:44:05  #7

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 line lever spring

Duane, from Phoenix Typewriter, made a video of a Olivetti 21, that has the same mechanism as the studio 44, and I figured out that the spring rolls around the center piece and goes behind, to the direction of the platen, through the opening on the right. The problem is: where should it go there then? I still can't find out.

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