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11-4-2019 06:47:44  #1

Lettera 22- continues to type when right-hand margin stop reached.

Hi there.

Long time Typewriter Talk reader, first time post-er.

I have a nice little Lettera 22 that I’ve put a bunch of work into getting all good to go.
The only issue (if it is one?) remaining is that, although the carriage stops at both margin stops, as it should, the keys are not stopped from typing. So if you’re ‘on a roll’ typing your ephemeral masterpiece,
letters can easily pile up on top of each other at the end of each line.

Are all Lettera 22’s designed this way, or is there a mechanism (like on every other Typer I own) that is supposed to prevent the typeslugs from hitting the page at the right-hand margin stop?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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