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16-1-2019 12:05:06  #1

1933 royal 10

I am looking for more information on my model 10     seems to be a rare model 10. Has black keys with white lettering also has single Beveled glass on sides.  Has "tabular" key and five keys that are . 1 10 100 1000. I'm looking to get the value of it and more info.  Thanks


16-1-2019 14:09:23  #2

Re: 1933 royal 10

Not specially rare and not specially valuable, I wont pay more than 50 USD, if in working condition. If is clean, amazing decals, some extra papers or history behind... then maybe a bit more. 


16-1-2019 14:37:07  #3

Re: 1933 royal 10

I agree with Steini's assessment.

Close to a million single-pane Model 10s were manufactured between 1923 and 1934. Even though a relatively smaller number of those machines were fitted with a decimal tabulator, I still wouldn't consider them to be a rarity today. The last single-pane Model 10 in decent condition that I bought cost me $40 CAD; it didn't have a decimal tabulator, but even if it did it's not a feature that I'd pay anything extra for.

14-5-2019 14:18:50  #4

Re: 1933 royal 10

[/url]  Hey there - Can anyone help me identify this machine? I think it is similar to the one om this thread, but everything is painted over so I can't find serial number, etc. It does say ROYAL on the back plate behind the paten.  It also has the single panel windows on each side - can't tell if they are glass or plastic. Would love to ID this piece and learn how to get the paint off safely. Thanks, 


14-5-2019 14:42:36  #5

Re: 1933 royal 10

It's a Royal KHM (1930s vintage) that's been repainted (not well done). Serial number should be on the carriage; slide the carriage to the right and you should see it. Panels on the sides are likely plastic.


14-5-2019 17:02:43  #6

Re: 1933 royal 10

Fleetwing wrote:

It's a Royal KHM (1930s vintage)

A KHM would have a keyset tabulator. This one is an H.


14-5-2019 21:24:02  #7

Re: 1933 royal 10

Thanks -- didn't know that distinction.

I'll defer to others here on how to remove the paint -- I'm sure there are paint removers on the market that will take off just the top layer, but I don't know them, or which ones work best. It appears that working carefully, you can chip off a lot of it without special chemicals.


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