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20-6-2019 22:21:14  #1

FS: 1930s Corona Sterling (flattop) parts

Hi all, I have a parts machine that I hope might provide some useful bits for others looking to fix your machine. It's a Sterling with the 1C serial number prefix. It is missing the platen and the escapement, but just about everything else is there: mainspring, keys, body panels, type bars, levers, etc. The keys are flat glass with metal rings (just like keychoppers like'em), so a bit different from the later models.
Prices are negotiable! So, let me know if you can use any of these parts.


30-6-2019 00:01:14  #2

Re: FS: 1930s Corona Sterling (flattop) parts

Hi Echan

What colour is the Flat-Top you're offering for parts. I'm looking for the front body panels for a maroon machine, but black would be acceptable. Thanks,



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