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18-7-2019 01:48:51  #1

Need help with year/value of typewriter

 New here! I need help identifying a typewriter my grandma left me. Was wondering if anyone could tell me the year and ballpark value? Not sure how to insert photos here, but if anyone can provide an email I can send them photos or a way I can upload them here I would really appreciate it!



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Re: Need help with year/value of typewriter

You can go to the Typewriter Database to find the model, and date the machine by finding the serial number and consulting the serial number chart for the brand.

As far as value, it will vary widely depending on the model, mechanical and cosmetic condition, location, seasonality, how and what venue it is sold, as well as numerous other factors. To get a general idea of the value, you can compare sold listings (not current asking prices) on eBay of the same model in similar condition. Disregard typewriters that are refurbished or sold by sellers who specialize in typewriters, as those numbers will skew much higher than the average realized price of a machine in as-found condition.  This will give you an idea of the current eBay value. The local value will generally be significantly less, unless you live in certain major metropolitan areas where prices may skew higher. Hope this helps.


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Re: Need help with year/value of typewriter

You have a 1936 LC Smith Standard No. 8. Other than it being the last production year for that model there really isn't anything special about the typewriter. You should check the typeface; odds are that it's also standard, but an unusual typeface can increase the value of a machine.

Given that it's in an as-found, unrestored condition, I could see such a machine selling anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on the knowledge of the buyer. As an example, I have a '34 No. 8 and a '35 Silent No. 8 and paid $55 and $40 respectively for those typewriters.

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Re: Need help with year/value of typewriter

thank you so much for your time. appreciate it!

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Re: Need help with year/value of typewriter

thank u all !!

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