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28-7-2019 00:28:07  #1

Help with dating my "new" Smith Corona Electra 110

Howdy, all,

Recently purchased a Smith Corona electric portable branded Electra 110, serial number 6SE2-106627. The Right Reverend Munk's awesome TDB listed 6SE machines as Coronet 10" Electrics, manufactured from 1961 through 1968, but didn't offer anything more specific. In addition, I couldn't find any reference to 6SE2 machines. 
On a side note, the electric motor seems to generate quite a bit of heat. No play in the motor shaft bearings, no noises, everything seems to function properly, but I have no way to gauge the normal heat output.

Any help from someone more savvy about these issues would be greatly appreciated.


29-7-2019 11:28:59  #2

Re: Help with dating my "new" Smith Corona Electra 110

Without looking at the database my guess would be that 6SE denotes the Coronet and 6SE2 the Electra, and that the serial number information would be close enough (if not the same) to date your machine. 

As for the motor I can only suggest a few of the more obvious causes of heat:
1. Is it clean or are the windings/ventilation holes packed with dirt?
2. I don't know if it has sealed or serviceable bearings, but you could check if it spins freely on its own.
3. Is there too much load on the motor? Check that all the other components it drives are turning freely and aren't dirty and/or in need of lubrication.
4. You could also run the motor without a load and check how its amperage. If you don't have a meter, you could just see how hot it runs on its own.

Stay Safe! 

29-7-2019 12:29:45  #3

Re: Help with dating my "new" Smith Corona Electra 110

Thank you, Uwe.  I'll troubleshoot the heat issue as you recommended.

As to the date of manufacture,  it seems that even Mr. Munk has acknowledged the scarcity of data on Smith Corona portables of that era. In 2011 he wrote.."there is quite a few gaps in the data (Smith-Corona portables from about 1962 to the 1970’s are absurdly common in people’s collections, yet there is zero data on them in TW-DB)...".
I'll keep digging.


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