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28-7-2019 05:05:02  #1

Underwood No.5 vs. Royal Model 10

Hi all, I would appreciate some advice please. I've got the possibility to add an Underwood no.5 to my collection; I;m also considering a Royal model 10. It would need to be one or the other. I'd prefer one which needs a little work so I can learn more but I'm unsure which model would be better for working on. My own thoughts are that there are plenty of Underwoods out there (same applies to Royals though) so spares should not be too big an issue, and that the open construction of the Underwood implies that it would be easier to work on than a Royal model 10. I'd also appreciate your opinions on which model is nicer to type on. Thoughts?


29-7-2019 11:13:03  #2

Re: Underwood No.5 vs. Royal Model 10

I would select the machine that was in better condition regardless of personal preference, which in my case happens to be the Royal 10 (the Underwood 5 is a far more common sight in my area).

Both models had long production runs, and there were changes made to them during that span, so a discussion of the variants that you are trying to choose from would also be relevant.

29-7-2019 15:06:29  #3

Re: Underwood No.5 vs. Royal Model 10

Thanks Uwe, the Royal 10 is in better condition. It's an earlier model, with two pieces of glass per side. The deal has been done and I collect tomorrow. Very much looking forward to that. Somehow I knew that my collection wouldn't stop at 5.....

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