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28-7-2019 09:27:20  #1

The Olympia Traveller site

I'm happy to announce the following addition to the typosphere:



28-7-2019 10:43:34  #2

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Hi Laurenz, great initiative - thanks! I very recently became the proud owner of a Traveller; I was sure we had my wife's grandmother's typewriter in the house but I had already looked without success. I had no idea what make or model it was though. I was tidying up some paperwork later on and found the instruction manual for a Traveller - that got my nose twitching, so I dug deeper and within half an hour I found it. The case is a bit yellowed but the machine itself is in great condition. Even the ribbon is still usable after...... 15 years or more. I can scan the instruction manual if it's any use to you (it's Dutch) - let me know. 


29-7-2019 04:32:47  #3

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Hi Mr58Catfish, that's a nice story and a great way to get a Traveller

Concerning the manual, I do have a square green one and a white AEG one. If yours is different I would appreciate a scan. 

I assume the Traveller itself is Dutch? In that case I'm interested in the serial for a little investigation I am doing. Can you give me the serial, and if present, the two-digit year code stamped into the frame? You can find it on the right side under the carriage. Thanks!

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29-7-2019 15:40:36  #4

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Hi Laurenz, thanks - I was pleasantly surprised . I was in the market for a Traveller anyway, because of the reputation of Olympias in general, and because of the looks of the Traveller. The serial number is: 15- 666 8769. There is a 2 stamped into the frame, but no double digit number that I can find. It's a Yugoslavian model, UNIS TBM stamped on the frame. If any of this helps you to dig out more history then I'm definitely interested!

The manual is square and green, just a thought.


29-7-2019 15:50:40  #5

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Apologies, I forgot to say that the keyboard is indeed Dutch.


30-7-2019 04:31:21  #6

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Hi again Laurenz, I've had a closer look and there is a circle stamped into a section of the frame. There is a two digit number stamped in this circle. It's very difficult to read but it is either an 86 or an 88. I think it's an 86. Does that make sense? When did production (of the Olympia branded Traveller) stop in Yugoslavia? Thanks,  Pete


30-7-2019 14:00:29  #7

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Thank you Mr58Catfish. I don't know when Traveller production stopped. The year in the frame is supposedly the year the frame is produced. 86 or 88 do make sense, my youngest Traveller has a frame from 87. However, keep in mind that the frame year is not the same as the typewriter production year, one of my Travellers is from 1977 and the frame from 1973.

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30-7-2019 14:38:45  #8

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Understood, and thanks for the feedback I've read elsewhere that frames were stamped but possibly not used until a few years later. I took a macro shot of the number; it is an 86. I was just wondering when TBM UNIS stopped using the Olympia badge. I'll keep digging.... For a supposedly quiet typewriter mine makes a distinct (not unpleasant) clacking sound. The platen seems to have a little 'give'; maybe I should just use two backing sheets, or stop typing on a wooden table...


31-7-2019 04:40:19  #9

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Travellers are not quiet at all is my experience. It may have to do with the platen, but the design is not helping either. It is in fact one big resonating metal box without any soundproofing material inside... A typepad helps enormously, the same goes for typing on the couch on your lap. 

I am considering soundproofing one of my Travellers witch technical felt, I wonder how much it matters. Nice experiment to publish on the site

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31-7-2019 08:08:06  #10

Re: The Olympia Traveller site

Maybe we could turn it into (typosphere) citizen science - ask other members if they are prepared to try alternative sound deadening methods? I'm happy to try it in any case; I'll keep you updated. It won't be today or tomorrow though....


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