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16-8-2019 07:52:49  #1

WTB: Olympia SG1 paper support

Hi everyone,

I want to buy the Olympia SG1's paper extender, i.e. the thing at the back of the carriage that is missing from so many SG1s (including mine). My SG1 is one from 1958 and looks like the one depictured over here. I mean the triangular plastic part that you can see in the top centre of the picture that held by the two small metal holders.

Beware that I'm based in Germany. I can only pay with Paypal, bank wire transfer or cash (by mail). I used to own some Bitcoins, but I've sold them all and I don't intend to buy new ones.


17-8-2019 12:06:31  #2

Re: WTB: Olympia SG1 paper support

Olympia's official designation: "Paper Support with Last Line Indicator"

Stay Safe! 

17-8-2019 13:54:54  #3

Re: WTB: Olympia SG1 paper support

Thank you! That's of course correct. My apologies, but please bear with me -- I'm not an English native speaker.

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