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11-9-2019 09:14:52  #1


Does anyone have an Instagram account centered around typewriters that I can follow? I'd love to see people showcasing their collections.
I have an account (@damselinthelibrary) but it's focused on books and my bookish drawings instead of my typewriters. I want to start incorporating my typewriters more, so does anyone have advice on the best angle for pictures?


11-9-2019 10:17:55  #2

Re: Instagram

I don't use Instagram because it's owned by Facebook, but I do have a Tumblr account that I enjoy using and is ideal for photos. I haven't posted anything new in a while because I've been distracted by other projects, but hopefully I'll be at it again some time soon.

Of course there are the Gallery pages here to share your collection too. 

Best angles? My philosophy is to let the machine dictate the best perspective to represent it. Figure out the defining characteristic of each model and go for it. I also prefer to shoot machines in isolation instead of adding props around it. I know its more popular to jam accessories, particularly coffee mugs (that would get knocked over as soon as the carriage moves), but I like all the focus on the model instead of presenting a manufactured tableau. 

Looking forward to your photos!

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12-9-2019 04:17:41  #3

Re: Instagram

Hi there
There's quite a large global typewriter community on Instagram. You'll find if you follow one or two, then many others will get recommended. I share the reservations about Facebook but Instagram probably has the most comprehensive platform for this kind of interest?
It's difficult to spot members of this forum, as people tend to use different identifiers. I've been using it for a month so far as #typewritercellar. Some people post regularly and, as Uwe suggests, often present their collections in photogenic settings. Have a look at #typewritertraveler for example. The postings by #charliefoxtrotvintage, from here in the UK, are also well presented.
As you might expect, the most numerous postings are from USA/Canada but it attracts global postings.
Hope this helps.
Ian J


12-9-2019 09:13:53  #4

Re: Instagram

I understand the reservations of using anything Facebook is involved with. I mainly use my account to advertise my book blog so my face doesn't make an appearance and I haven't shared any personal information. 
I'll definitely try taking some unique pictures, sans mugs, soon. Unfortunately, two of my favorite machines are 30-40lb so hauling them around to pretty places is a bit of a pain. 

IanJ wrote:


I'm following them all now. Thanks!

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