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20-9-2019 09:54:17  #1

Wide ribbon - to re-ink, or not to re-ink...

I've just become the very fortunate owner of an early The Empire (aka Empire 1?). I had been after it for a while but the owner wanted too high a price. This week it was back at the local antique yard and after a brief call to the owner, we negotiated a much more reasonable price.
It seems to be in full working condition straight out of the cardboard case (the years have not treated the case so favourably...!) but predictably the ink is dry. There seems to be a supplier in the Netherlands who can provide a new ribbon, but for £25 including postage.
I've reviewed the various earlier threads on sourcing wider ribbons (this seems to be 3/4 inch or approx 20mm) on both regenerating or re-inking ribbons and wondered if there have been any further thoughts or results of experimentation since then (2014/15)? At the moment I'm favouring the regeneration method with glycerin, to have a go at?
Many thanks!
Ian J
P.s. Will post some photos in the appropriate section, once it's cleaned up a little - fantastic looking machine, with a skeletal profile from most angles


20-9-2019 15:42:52  #2

Re: Wide ribbon - to re-ink, or not to re-ink...

I don't normally come here to advertise my wares, but Ifeel that I should mention that I now have 19mm All-Black  ribbon in stock for a much more reasonable £10 a length including UK postage.  I am waiting to have my website updated so it isn't on there yet.  If you would like some, search for 'The Typewriter Man' and you can drop me a line.


20-9-2019 16:49:26  #3

Re: Wide ribbon - to re-ink, or not to re-ink...

I'm more than happy for you to advertise your wares when I can benefit from it! I did check your website as you were advertising some wider ribbons, so it's good to hear that you are now offering a 19mm option.
I'll be in touch!

Many thanks
Ian J

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