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21-9-2019 12:04:47  #1

Restoring plastic keys of Hermes Baby

I have recently purchased my second Hermes Baby this one is the first generation with exposed ribbon reels manufactured 1940. I had hoped it would be a Featherweight but only had the seller’s photo to go by. Anyway it is a very nice machine and after some minor work to get the ribbon travelling in both directions and also some cosmetic work on the case, removing dents and restoring the handle, I am very happy with it. There remains one problem. The letter ‘E’ and the number’5’ on the plastic keys are partially missing. I have the idea of filling the existing grooves (troughs) with Humbrol white enamel hoping that the paint will be restricted to the prescribed groove.
Has anyone any experience of this exercise and if so, how would one clean off any excess paint which goes outside the limits of the groove.
Any helpful suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
Happy tapping, Woodman


21-9-2019 13:49:38  #2

Re: Restoring plastic keys of Hermes Baby

Hi Woodman

By talking about Humbrol paint, I'm assuming you're in the UK. This subject has been brought up before, but I can't seem to find the exact thread at the moment. However, I do remember the use of lacquer sticks was brought up. Hope this gives you something to work with. All the best,



21-9-2019 14:33:44  #3

Re: Restoring plastic keys of Hermes Baby

Hello Sky
Thanks very much for your very prompt reply and the link to laquer sticks. This would seem from its name to be something much more manageable.
Actually I am in France, the Baby is AZERTY unfortunately but as I do hunt and peck the keyboard layout doesn’t perturb me too much. When I was a lad, well over half a century ago, I used to make model vintage cars and paint them with Humbrol and been a fan ever since.
Many thanks again, I have found this forum very useful and an agreeable place to visit.

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