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02-11-2019 09:32:26  #1

Are White SM2s harder to find?

A little while ago I saw a white (cream) SM2 and really liked the look of it - an old 50s typewriter in white. But since spending time looking I having had a tough time finding one that isn't exorbitantly expensive  So many SM2, 3, 4s seem to be in the olive color, which although is nice is not what I'm after. Are the white/cream SM2s just not as plentiful as the olive green ones?


02-11-2019 11:56:46  #2

Re: Are White SM2s harder to find?

The SM2 was a budget model - in comparison to the SM3 - and as a result I believe few were painted in the optional colours. I'm not sure what year Olympia introduced that particular colourway, but most of the cream-coloured SMs I've come across were late '50s, early '60s models, so it could also be that it was a more popular option toward the end of the SM2's life cycle.

If you like the colour so much you should look at a SM5 or Monica; there are plenty of those around in the cream colour.

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02-11-2019 14:08:21  #3

Re: Are White SM2s harder to find?

Thanks Uwe. After too many hours searching, I might have found a white SM2. However, there is a nice olive green SM4 I have my eye on too... sigh.

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