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07-11-2019 13:49:36  #1

Protecting/preserving paint?

Is there a way to protect or preserve paint on metal typewriters? In some cases the paint is flaking away and in others the paint is prone to chipping on a part of the machine that receives significant wear, like on the front corners - this is the case on my Hermes 3000 and Lettera 32.

Would waxing a machine protect it, or maybe touching up flaking parts with some product?


08-11-2019 16:43:41  #2

Re: Protecting/preserving paint?

Check out Meguiars No. 7 Glaze. Old single stage paint dries out which causes chipping, dullness, and brittleness. The Meguairs product adds the enriching oils back to the paint. It’s easily the best product for single stage paint on typewriters. You can do more if you want like use Meguairs Ultimate Polish which will remove scratches but it will cut through the paint if you aren’t careful. No. 7 Glaze has no abrasives so it’ll just rejuvenate the paint without otherwise changing it. Most auto parts stores sell it.


09-11-2019 06:18:04  #3

Re: Protecting/preserving paint?

Thanks RemingtonJim. I've also seen Renaissance Wax recommended.

I've also seen clear nail varnish suggested for very small areas of flaking paint. Anyone have experience with this?

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09-11-2019 13:18:09  #4

Re: Protecting/preserving paint?

Not sure what Rennisance wax is, but once I have all paint correction fixed, I use Meguairs Gold Class carnuba was.


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