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22-11-2019 17:33:53  #1

Removing SM4 Paper tray (paper pan)

Hello all - In the process of a much needed cleaning I have become stumped as to how to remove the paper tray of my SM4. I have the platen and front feed rollers out but am wary of pulling out the paper tray incorrectly. I have read that the tray is held in place by two 'U-shaped' clips that need to be prised off in order to release it from a metal bar below, as described in this blog entry:

However, having pushed and pulled at the clips under the carriage with no success, I am hesitant about doing this incorrectly and damaging something. Can anyone provide some advice on this process? Does it just need a firm hand to push the 'U clip' up off the metal bar? Thanks in advance.


22-11-2019 18:07:33  #2

Re: Removing SM4 Paper tray (paper pan)

This is b****h of a job, and I wouldn't advise it unless you are really confident.  The two spring clips are hooked around the slot in the paper pan and are not only likely to fly off and get lost when you dismantle, but even more likely to do the same when re-installing.  It is one of those jobs where you wish you had three hands and x-ray vision. The clips are removed by squeezing them so that the ears clear the side of the slot.   You WILL need a professional spring hook and a pair of tweezers.  You could easily struggle for a long time without success.  MUST you do this ?


22-11-2019 18:18:29  #3

Re: Removing SM4 Paper tray (paper pan)
Haha, your entire response gradually tipped me toward the decision not to do it, but "MUST you do this?" was the final nail in the coffin of that idea. I like a challenge, but I will clean around it for now. Thank you for your reply.

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23-11-2019 04:32:06  #4

Re: Removing SM4 Paper tray (paper pan)

Honestly, you are doing the right thing !  As you might have guessed, I am a professional, and it is still a job I hate.  My theory is that the paper pans were put onto the carriage at the factory before the carriage was attached to the machine.  Even then, I'm sure that they had a special jig to hold the paper pan in place whilst the clips were fitted.  The paper pan is spring-loaded, so you are trying to hold that in place whilst struggling to get the clips into place.  Olympia realised the error of their ways and changed the design of the paper pan on the SM5 and SM7 to do away with this - and changed it for an even better design on the SM8 and SM9s.


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