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30-11-2019 17:54:16  #1

Remington All New documentation

According to the typewriter database I’ve purchased a 1950 Remington All New typewriter. I’ve looked for a manual and repair manual for this model but haven’t been successful. Does anyone know where I can get a PDF of this material?  Thanks


30-11-2019 19:17:33  #2

Re: Remington All New documentation

Hi K.

With a little research, this is what I found about the All New Remington Portable. By the looks of it, I'd say that a manual for a Remington Quiet-Riter would be a pretty good place to start. Hope this points you in the right direction,



30-11-2019 21:50:26  #3

Re: Remington All New documentation

Thank you!  That manual does look very similar to what I have. Tomorrow I hope to find time to play with it.

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