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10-12-2019 09:37:41  #1

WTB: Yiddish typewriter

Hello, asking for a friend! He’s learning Yiddish & would love a Yiddish (not Hebrew) typewriter. No particular make or model in mind, just struggling to find one to buy online. Any condition really, as long as it could be restored (if need be). Any leads? Thanks folks!


10-12-2019 09:52:30  #2

Re: WTB: Yiddish typewriter

Posting where you're located will help with local leads. Otherwise I would think there would be models available through eBay and other online marketplace websites are available in your area. 

Also, if you type "Yiddish" into the forum's search function you'll find there have been a few discussions on the subject and some of the members in those discussions might be able to help you out if you contact them directly through a Private Message.

Stay Safe! 

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