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30-12-2019 05:23:59  #1

Olympia Splendid and SF production - I am puzzled

Hello all,

I never realized it until I compared the serials from my recently acquired Splendid with an SF I already had: the Splendid is newer then the SF. Scrolling through the TWDB I see both machines are produced along side each other.

I always assumed the SF was the successor of the Splendid, but it seems not to be the case.
Does anyone know more about the matter?

The picture below shows a Splendid from 1965 and an SF from 1962.



31-12-2019 05:55:13  #2

Re: Olympia Splendid and SF production - I am puzzled

Uwe is the Olympia expert on here, so I'll leave it to him to comment in detail if he wants to.  The Splendid range originally consisted of the 33, 66 and 99.  Before that, there was simply the SF - which was basically a 33 with a wire bail paper rest,  The higher the number, the more features and the more expensive the machine was.  33 - basic single colour ribbon only.  66 - Bi-colour ribbon, touch control, pop-up paper rest.  99 - all features of the 66, luxury trim and carry case with document pocket.  My theory is that the 99 didn't sell well because it didn't actually do any more than the 66.  It looks as if Olympia soon dropped the 99 and replaced it with the SF Deluxe (a 66 in a sharp suit) because then customers thought that they were getting a different/better machine for the extra that they had to pay !  Incidentally the first typewriter I ever had personal experience of was a power-blue Deluxe which belonged to my mother.  I still have it and use it regularly.  It has only ever been serviced or repaired by me.


01-1-2020 06:34:42  #3

Re: Olympia Splendid and SF production - I am puzzled

Thank you, very interesting and helpful.

I now understand why I have never seen a regular 'sharp suit' SF, only the De Luxe model. So if I understand correctly, all Olympia ultra-portables without a name on the ribbon cover we call SF (wich make sense since it is their class name).

This perfectly explains why there are 'Splendids' and 'Travellers' listed under Olympia SF in the TWDB. An now I know my blue 'Traveller' without name badge should be called SF

I really like the 'sharp suit' description, it  matches the machine quite well.


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