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03-1-2020 22:32:24  #1

slow shift returning back to position

Happy new year everyone. This is my first time posting. I am currently working on an Everest K3 that had a lot of problems. I have rewound the draw band, fixed the space bar, and adjusted the ribbon vibrator. The one thing I still can’t figure out is the shift. The K3 has a basket shift. This one goes down great, but either gets stuck or moves slowly about halfway back up. I have cleaned all the moving joints several times with mineral spirits and used a light lubricant, but it still doesn’t return back to position correctly.

While trying to figure out the problem I did see that there is a support bar on the left side that is not present on the right. I’m hesitant to think it is definitely a missing part because one of the ends of the left side support bar is riveted. Maybe I’m wrong but losing a rivet seems improbable?  Does anyone have a K3 that they could check the shifting mechanism and whether it is symmetrical?  If it is missing a part what options do I have to fix this rare-ish typewriter?  Any other ideas on what could be going on if it’s not a missing piece?  Thanks for any help.


05-1-2020 21:43:38  #2

Re: slow shift returning back to position

I figured out the issue and just wanted to update in case someone has a similar issue down the road. I neglected to consider that the joints I was feverishly cleaning and lubricating, also could be adjusted.  While pondering over this little typer again today I suddenly saw that I could loosen (or tighten, if need be) these (see pic). That completely solved the shifting issue.  There were no missing parts.  There was no spring that had popped (another theory I was throwing around in my brain).  It was simply gunk and this too tight connection.  Hope this may help someone else at some point.

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