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15-1-2020 13:36:46  #1

Remington Standard (10?) how to clean etc

Today I picked up a Remington typewriter at the thrift shop.
It was in a glass display and you could put a bid on it, I bid 54 euros. Yesterday they called me that it was mine if I wanted it. And I did!
I only saw it behind glass and couldn't inspect it up close. It looked very dirty, and I wasn't sure if it was complete and working.
Comparing it with photos online, I'm guessing it's a model 10 although this isn't specified on the machine itself.
Here are some pictures, pre-cleaning (I hope this works because Flickr updated some things since the last time I was on there and now I can't find how to copy and share)
Serial no is RK70723

I wiped the dust off a bit and cleaned the keys. One foot is missing (front right) but otherwise it seems complete and in working order. It's moving quite smoothly for a machine that seems to have spent at least half a century in a dusty attic or barn.
I threw the ribbon away as it was thrashed and mouldy.
I think the whole top including the carriage can be removed (there are 6 big screws on top) but am scared to take the thing apart.
Any tips on how to tackle this?


17-1-2020 05:33:15  #2

Re: Remington Standard (10?) how to clean etc

Another question, I may have accidentally locked or dislodged something whilst cleaning (I put it on its side). Because the carriage doesn't move when I type. It did when I picked it up from the shop, I tried the red tab buttons and they worked very well.
The back of the machine looks rather daunting and am not sure where to start looking...

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