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23-1-2020 16:45:36  #1

Help figuring out odd platen


I am new to this hobby and have acquired a Remington Paragon 12 with an odd platen that I am trying to figure out.

The platen has a horizontal slot a few inches long in it coming in from the left side holding two thin metal plates inset more-or-less flush with the surface of the platen.  At the left end of the platen, where the line space ratchet would normally be found there is a chromed circular tab that rotates with the platen and when pressed raises and lowers the two thin metal plates above the surface of the platen.  There is no line space pawl/ratchet mechanism at all, but there is a return/line space lever on the carriage that isn't connected to anything except its hinge pin and there is an empty threaded pin where the pawl would presumably be in a standard configuration. 

The position of the circular tab on this platen appears to preclude the installation of a regular line space pawl/ratchet mechanism.  In addition there are no little wheels to hold the paper to the platen either, although there is a little sliding metal tab where the left side wheel would normally be.  The typewriter otherwise appears to be a typical Remington 12. 

Given that the typewriter has a return/line space lever and an attachment point for the associated line space mechanism, but the platen lacks a ratchet gear, I assume that the idea was for the platen and line space ratchet mechanism to be swapped in and out with a standard one as-needed.  Unfortunately, a standard one didn't come with the machine.

What is this for?  Presumably the thin metal plates are to hold a certain size piece of paper while typing.  Was this to hold checks, stencils or some other odd-sized form?  Any help sorting this out would be appreciated.

PS - Sorry for the lack of photos, but I haven't figured out how to upload an image to the forum.  I am also just learning the terminology and trying to attach the correct names to all of the dooma-flachies and thingamajigs.





24-1-2020 04:12:44  #2

Re: Help figuring out odd platen

Without some pictures it would be hard to say exactly, but my educated guess is that this is a special set-up for addressing machine stencils.  The stencil is like a miniature duplicator (mimeograph) stencil and once prepared on the typewriter, goes into the addressing machine with hundreds of other bearing different addresses.  When the machine is operated, each stencil in turn prints the address on an envelope.  The good news is that if you can get the parts you need to convert it back to a 'normal' typewriter it will be unlikely to have had much wear - unlike office machines that are normally heavily used and subsequently badly worn.


24-1-2020 09:27:33  #3

Re: Help figuring out odd platen

Hello again,

Thank you for the reply.  The stencil theory is where I am leaning, too.  I Googled this but haven't found anything exactly like my set-up.  - The seemingly endless variety of mechanisms is one of the things that attracted me to this hobby though!


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