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12-2-2020 19:47:12  #1

Cleaning Cases

I did a search for this topic and didn’t run across anything, so if this is repetitive I apologize. I’m wondering if anyone has any good tips for cleaning cases. In particular I’m thinking of old wood Royal cases with lining or lined cases with felt and cardboard like Lettera 32. Any products to help clean and repair these?  The felt on the Lettera (and others) frequently seem to have old glue stains.

Also, I have wondered what others have come up with to strengthen old leather handles?  I like to keep the typewriter (and case) original, so I don’t want to replace the ones that are still there, but I’m also afraid they will fail and the case will fall.

Thanks for any advice.


14-2-2020 04:45:25  #2

Re: Cleaning Cases

I do not know where in the world you are, so it is difficult to recommend cleaning products.  I usually use a foaming cleaner on carry cases - if you are in the US I believe that it is called 'scrubbing bubbles' there.  There isn't much you can do about the glue stains on the felt lining I'm afraid.  As to leather handles, the best way is to take the case to a saddler who should be able to make up a new one.


14-2-2020 11:09:44  #3

Re: Cleaning Cases

These guys do a great job with handles and their whole site is interesting....

Let us know how it goes if you use them.


15-2-2020 09:19:49  #4

Re: Cleaning Cases

Thanks for your help. It is very appreciated. Next time I will make a note that I am in the US, although I can seem to get most anything online. I’m restoring a sitar and have to purchase products from all over the world for that project...

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