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24-7-2014 22:56:51  #1

Underwood Standard No. 5

Hi, I'm a typewriter beginner, and I just purchased an Underwood, what I believe to be, No. 5. This is based off of the serial number.  However, it has a couple of issues that I've noticed, and maybe you guys can offer some tips.

1. The carriage, after being returned fully to the right, will not move. You can coax it along by applying pressure as you mash a key and it will begin to move on it's own a little over halfway across. (Already checked the margins, they are as wide as they will go.)

2. The capital keys type almost a line higher than the lowercase letters. 

Thanks in advance!


24-7-2014 23:09:15  #2

Re: Underwood Standard No. 5

Hi and welcome.

1. There could be a number of different issues responsible for the carriage not moving properly. However, whatever you do it isn't a good idea to "mash" any keys, or use excessive force or pressure on a typewriter. There are good odds that you'll end up doing even more damage to the machine. Does the carriage move more freely as it progresses to the left of the machine?

2. There is an adjustment for the upper and lower case type position.

Maybe you could post a photo so we all know exactly which model you have? 

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25-7-2014 10:19:30  #3

Re: Underwood Standard No. 5

Hi, Uwe

Once it reaches about halfway across to the left, it works like a charm. I checked the pull string, and nothing seems to be amiss with it, however, this morning I was tinkering around and I noticed (forgive the layman's terms) when you press the space bar, the cogs that are supposed to turn and grab the carriage underneath, do not respond. They just hit, but the gear doesn't turn, so it looks like that may be the culprit. As I said, I'm not entirely sure though.

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