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30-3-2013 15:46:15  #1

Bar-Let Model 2

Perhaps my favourite typewriter. If you could call any typewriter 'cute', this would be the one.

A bugger to type on though. The keys are really stiff.

This was sold to me as being in 'full working order', but as it turned out, this description was fairly fanciful. It was a real struggle to get paper round the platen as the rollers had set rigid and were so flattened they were almost rectangular in profile. Rob Bowker on Typewriter Heaven had exactly the same problem with his Bar-Let Rob replaced his rollers with part of bicycle pump, but I'm looking into some rubber hose combinations.

In every other respect the condition of this typewriter is fantastic.

You can read more about this model here:

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31-3-2013 03:21:26  #2

Re: Bar-Let Model 2

The only thing I know about Bar-Let is that it's a British company. There seems to be precious little information about it online, though. 

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31-3-2013 07:12:49  #3

Re: Bar-Let Model 2

The Bar-Let was a product of the Bar-Lock company. Apparently the Bar-Let was designed to be a budget model aimed at the UK civil service. I can't remember where I read it, but it seems that many of these machines were used in police stations. The next time I watch an old British black and white crime movie I'll keep an eye out for it on someone's desk.

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