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25-2-2020 02:51:27  #1

Type action Adler


I received an Adler Junior 20 from an old lady. It was oiled everywhere, but in working condition. However, the type action was a little sluggish. After cleaning the machine 3 times with mineral spirits, it runs much better. However, the type action still feels a little stiff, and some keys work slightly better then other.

Now I wonder if some more cleaning would improve the type action. Or will it help to oil the typebar and key lever joints? Until now, I only have used oil as last resort to fix squeaking parts.



25-2-2020 11:22:09  #2

Re: Type action Adler

I’m pretty new to this, but had to fix already some sticking typebars on some machines I got. In my experience, cleaning works much better than oiling. 


25-2-2020 11:56:33  #3

Re: Type action Adler

Clean it again and sop up the residue that gets flushed out so it doesn't just dry back in place. Work the mechanisms repeatedly to help knock out gunk. Do not oil anything.


28-2-2020 03:59:56  #4

Re: Type action Adler

Thank you, I followed your advice. I did two more extensive cleaning sessions, and it helped. However, I noticed the keyboard is working more smoothly during cleaning (when it is soaked in white spirit). After drying, the keyboards feel a little more stiff.

Should I go on cleaning? I have the idea there is nothing left to clean. I used a normal brush, a tooth brush, several dental brushes and almost half a litre white spirit. I flushed the gunk/white spirit out of the typewriter with an air compressor. Removed all visible gunk/white spirit with cloth. All parts look clean. I did the Joe Van Cleave trick (typewriter on its back, disable universal bar and check if type arms move freely) and it passed the test.

The machine was used by a lady in the 70ies for addressing envelopes, that was her sidejob. I think the machine was not used much, the platen has very little marks on it. Is it possible the key action feels a little stiff because the machine was not used very much? Will more usage help?


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11-4-2020 14:33:13  #5

Re: Type action Adler

I did 12 cleaning sessions with white spirit and paint thinner, it improved the key action every time a little.
Finally I removed all the typebars and cleaned them, this was a big improvement.
However, the key action was still a little stiff.
After a lot of testing I discovered there was a some friction between the key levers and the plate with slots from where the key levers protrude. As experiment I lightly oiled the slots. Now the Adler has a very nice key action.

It surprised me the oil made such a difference.
I do not think these parts are intended to be oiled, but they do cause a rather stiff key action.
Is it just a disadvantage of the design of this typewriter?
I can hardly believe it, in my experience Adler/Triumph machines are excellent engineered.
I would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

Kind regards,

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